Telelink Opticomm (PTY) Ltd, have provided ITC services to Mufaro Holdings Pty Ltd, on one of our projects with one of the High Schools that we were doing some contract work for.

They are currently providing Tele Communication Services , where they are managing the day to day operations on the project, as well as managing the Support team provided by Mufaro Holdings.

The key Services they are delivering as per below:

  • Service Delivery Management
  • High level Technical designs on proposed solutions
  • Implementation of high level projects,
  • Networking
  • Providing recommendations for Services and Operations improvement
  • Software Development services
  • Preparing management reports
  • Attending management meetings.

I will gladly recommend their services and I will make special mention to their quick response on issues and professionalism.


Arthurnatious Gwanzura

Account Manager